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Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy Coatings

Whether you are a wholesaler, distributor, or entrepreneur, Dynamis custom manufactures the best epoxy coatings in the world! We have epoxies for every need and application concerning concrete and machinery surfaces. Our custom epoxies serve a variety of practical purposes, and they will make your surface more beautiful to boot! For example, Dynamis can customize an epoxy solution for you that gives a pristine metallic shine, or we can add color pigmentation and other additives, even achieving a glittering appeal, such as what you might see in hotel lobbies.

Contact Dynamis today and speak with a representative about your epoxy needs. You'll save money and have a superior product when you purchase custom epoxy coatings from Dynamis. Let us show you why Dynamis has been the leading innovator in this industry for 70 years and counting!

Our Custom Epoxy Coatings

On this website, you will find three of our 100% solids epoxy systems. Choosing an epoxy system should revolve around the need for which you are applying an epoxy. Each epoxy coating system contains no water, no solvents, and little-to-no odor when it is applied. Let's take a look at the following three custom epoxies from Dynamis:

EPO Seal 100

This is our general-purpose concrete sealer and coating, as the product's name indicates. Dynamis offers EPO Seal 100 in clear or pigmented formulations. We'll discuss what colors you want if you are interested in pigmented epoxy. We have a lot of color options to match any preference or environment.

Ideal applications for EPO Seal 100 are those in warehouses and institutions that have moderate to moderately-heavy traffic, equipment use, and chemical abrasion. This epoxy system is not intended for application in areas that see much more chemical exposure than standard cleaning chemicals and mop water.

Make no mistake, EPO Seal 100 is a strong, durable sealant that will last for many years if it is cared for, and it has good chemical and weather resistance in terms of mild chemicals and weather. You may also blend this epoxy with solvent to achieve a lower viscosity, making the solution cure slower.

EPO Coat H3H

EPO Coat H3H is a durable epoxy coating that can take a beating with the best of them! Designed to protect concrete and machinery surfaces, this epoxy coating is practically immune to water, weather, and chemicals. EPO Coat H3H was made specifically for commercial and industrial applications that take a lot of abuse from heavy traffic, heavy machinery, and heavy equipment. EPO Coat H3H truly is one of the toughest epoxies on the market today!

EPO Coat NS-100

Perfect for bathtubs, stairs, work areas, senior citizen homes, nursing homes, hospitals, military bases, gymnasiums, cafeterias, and any area that is prone to slipping, EPO Coat NS-100 is a powerful but simple epoxy that is intended exclusively for non-slip applications. The aggregate is already in the can, allowing for convenience and fast installation. EPO Coat NS-100 is a clear epoxy that has many applications. Basically, any area that gets wet or slippery can be made non-slip with this product.

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